Help the Kepler Quartet establish the recorded legacy of Ben Johnston's string quartets!

The Kepler Quartet is dedicated to preserving one of the 20th Century's most significant bodies of work --The String Quartets of Ben Johnston. Because of the nature of the compositional techniques, it is essential to document these pieces accurately with the composer's direct input.

The first disc was released in January 2006 on the New World Records label, with the second disc following in January 2011. Both discs have received high praise for both the musical content and the performance standard set by the Kepler Quartet. (see reviews page) 

CD3 is now in production, and the fund-raising process to support that endeavor has also begun. We are very grateful to the foundations and individuals who made the first two discs possible. Your contributions have been a strong endorsement of the project's merits, and an inspiration for us to see the 10-quartet cycle through to completion. We would greatly appreciate your continued support for disc 3.

Please consider a contribution--large or small--to help us ensure that these important works of art are made accessible to everyone.

You may contact us for further information, or make out a check to:
Wisconsin Alliance for Composers/ Kepler-Johnston Project

Send to:
Kepler Quartet
P.O. Box 170341
Milwaukee, WI 53217-0341

WAC is acting as the quartet's fiscal sponsor for this project, and will oversee that 100% of your contribution is used for bringing the Johnston Cycle to fruition.

Or you may choose to donate at USA Projects by clicking on Ben!


celebrating the music of Ben Johnston