calm before the storm

May 28, 2015 recording at WLC

On May 28, we recorded the final segment of #6, the retrograde first violin solo, having already finished at our March 16 session, the “backwards” cello.

Above is a screen grab from our recording engineer’s Facebook post on May 28, commemorating the occasion. (We hadn’t arrived yet when the photo of mike setup was taken, but believe us…we were there, that day!)

Next up was rehearsing and recording the first movement of String Quartet No. 7, which throws every pitch known to humankind (and then some) into the mix.

We recorded #7 mvt I on August 29 and 30 at a different venue, a recording studio instead of a hall, because ambient noise is more controllable.

We will start rehearsing #7 mvt III on November 18. The surge of microtonal activity begins!